After an intense evaluation phase where the 143 proposals submitted to the first call for DIVA projects have been analysed by the DIVA evaluation committee, a total of 66 proposals and more than 100 SMEs among the most innovative and promising have successfully been selected. They will receive a DIVA voucher to accelerate the maturation, demonstration and internationalisation of their innovative ideas and their business development.

Every funded proposal has gone through a first selection, meeting eligibility criteria indicated in the guidelines, and the evaluation of three different experts that have applied the same evaluation criteria independently, with a special focus on innovation, development perspective at EU level, cross sectorial and trans-national aspects.

From the overall 66 proposals funded, 44 of them have received € 10,000 to carry out either technological maturation of their solutions or a validation of their business model. On the other hand, another 19 proposals will perform demonstration activities in real environments, using DIVA vouchers from € 25,000 to € 60,000. Moreover, 3 selected projects will use a €30,000 DIVA voucher to carry out consultancy reports and studies for internationalizing their business.

The selection process enabled  funds to go to projects from all the partner countries: Ireland (4), Greece (5), Italy (8), Portugal (10), Spain (18) and France (21), not to mention that 40 % of the collaborative projects were trans-national, i.e., associating at least 2 different countries.

In the coming days, the 66 projects will kick-off their activities, which will continue for the next 9 to 24 months. The members of the DIVA consortium will carry out an exhaustive follow-up of all projects in order to verify the success in their activities.

For those SME’s who have not had the opportunity to apply for this first call or didn’t reach a voucher, there will be a second opportunity at the end of this year (2019). The opening of a new DIVA call is expected in November, which will distribute a total of 1.5M€ in support vouchers for SMEs that aim to innovate in the agrifood, forestry and environment value chain through the use of digital technologies.

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