Challenge description

Description of the Challenge Mites and whiteflies are very small insects (eggs are 0.2mm, adults are 0.5 to 1mm). The traditional method to evaluate insecticide efficacy consist in counting number of eggs, larva and adult insects on crop leaves before & after insecticide application at regular interval. A typical experiment requires counting thousands of leaves under a binocular lense at each evaluation date. The challenge is to automatize this tedious work using automatic pest recognition & counting on leaf pictures, despite very small pest dimensions and variable leaf shapes, with a high accuracy

In EU, hundreds of field researchers are involved in studies on whiteflies and mites, which are serious agricultural pests in many crops. Currently the number of studies, variants and samples evaluated is mainly limited by time and workload constraints.
By solving this challenge :
- Hours of tedious counting under binocular lense could be saved
- More pest control strategies could be evaluated

Fundamental requirements and constraints

The difficulties are related to automatic pest recognition, picture resolution, very small pest dimensions and variable leaf shapes

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Country France

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Name of the organisation Eurofins Agroscience Services SAS
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We are a global service provider company specialized in field and laboratory testing of new agrochemicals, biologicals and crop varieties.
We conduct field & lab experimental studies in a wide range of environmental & cropping conditions.
We belong to Eurofins Scientific group, a global leader in bioanalytics, employing 38000 people across 44 countries.

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