Challenge description

Description of the Challenge The challenge is to automatically and easily determine all production costs and thus find the marketing threshold for the crop harvested.

Cultures are produced through a precise roadmap and each culture has its own itinerary. A farmer often grow several crops at the same time. How can we calculate the total costs for each crop? These costs include all the mechanization costs (equipment, working time and staff involved) and operating expenses (inputs used and related costs). The goal is to have these charges automatically calculated with the help of different technologies to set-up.

Fundamental requirements and constraints

The main constraint is to trace all the necessary operations for the realization of a culture. The idea is to use several technologies. For example, for mechanization loads: have recognition of the type of equipment used coupled with an automatic recording of working time. For operating expenses, have immediate identification of the input type(seeds, fertilizer, etc.) together with the purchase price. Ideally, the equipement used should be geolocated in order to automatically identify the plot where the work is being done. And all the data should be automatically accessible in the traceability software of the farmer.

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Country France

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Name of the organisation Arterris Innovation
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Arterris Innovation is the innovation subsidiary of the agricultural cooperative Arterris specialised in crop and animal productions

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