Challenge description

Description of the Challenge The challenge is to develop an automated or robotized solution for the plucking step of ducks in slaughterhouses

For plucking, we do not use wax to avoid having residues on our products. Therefore, today the entire step of plucking is carried-out by hand by teams of operators with a production rate of 600 ducks per hour. The work is particularly tedious and repetitive gestures may cause major disorders. A solution is needed to facilitate this process.

Fundamental requirements and constraints

The main difficulty is to reproduce human's ability to perform various movements combined with eye vision. Indeed humans have the capacity to choose to act or not and to select the zone treated. It manages the vision, which generates the movement and the support force. Our support is not regular, in size, weight, shape, temperature and all this at a rate of 600 ducks per hour. It seems necessary to mix several technologies, 3D vision, robot, plumage tools.

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Country France

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Name of the organisation Arterris “Les fermiers occitans”
Brief overview

Tool for slaughtering and cutting duck and rabbits. Transformer of sterilized products. 25 million euros of turnover, 130 people.

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