Challenge description

Description of the Challenge The challenge is to know at any time all the existing grain in stock in our storage equipments on the whole operating area.

The sites are composed of different types of grain storage: stacked cell silos, concrete or metal cylindrical cells and ventilated flat-bottomed sheds. There are different sizes and we can store in the same system from 200 to 20000 t. We know if the cell is full or empty. As soon as we take the grain, we do not know the quantity that remains to be taken because we do not empty the whole cell at a time.

Fundamental requirements and constraints

The main constraints: several geographical locations, several types of storage, several storage sizes. The objective is to find a sensor and / or a method of measuring the quantity of grain that remains on all sites. Obviously, all the data will have to communicate easily with our information system.

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Name of the organisation Arterris Innovation
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Arterris Innovation is the innovation subsidiary of the agricultural cooperative Arterris, specialised in crop and animal productions

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