Challenge description

Description of the Challenge How can we get information about forests standing stocks (e.g. volume), sanitary status (e.g. presence of pests and diseases), and progress of forest operations (e.g. equipment productivity) in a cheaper way and with the level of detail needed for conducting forest management?

Forest owners, forest industries and other companies involved in forest management and wood supply need to make everyday decisions about what and when to harvest, in order to fulfil the demand for wood in the most cost-effective and sustainable way.
The access to data is in the backbone of these decisions. Current processes for getting forest inventory data are time consuming and costly. Information about the sanitary status is obtained in a snapshot although it should be monitored all-year around. Knowing the progress of the forest operations could induce predictability in the wood flows and also allow a more cost-efficient use of the equipment and crews.

Fundamental requirements and constraints

The emerging digital technologies and IoT can help to obtain the information needed for forest management in a cheaper way, but there are challenges to overcome such as data storing, connectivity, data analytics and advanced planning features. The potential for cross-fertilization with solutions developed for the agriculture area exists.

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  • Data Economy
  • Sustainable Intensification
Country Portugal

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Name of the organisation AIFF – Competitiveness and technology center for forest industries
Brief overview

AIFF - association for the competitiveness of forest industries is the driving force behind the competitiveness and technology cluster of forest-based industries. AIFF mission is to provide support to the agents of the forest sector to produce raw material in sufficient quantity and quality and in a sustainable way.

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