Challenge description

Description of the Challenge The agricultural sector, has a very important impact in terms of GHG emissions (Greenhouse Gases). Agricultural production accounts for 10% of global GHG emissions. On the other side, it is a victim of Climate Change as it reduces resilience of production systems and contributes to the degradation of natural resources.

Actions that have an impact on the efficient and effective use of resources and inputs in agricultural production are of vital importance to move us towards a sustainable agriculture model. We seek to develop a Tool that combines Precision Agriculture software development with an intelligent Crop Management Tool. It will provide valuable information, in order to take more efficient, effective and sustainable decisions regarding crop management activities: use of natural resources, use of inputs, planting, seeding, harvesting and other management practices scheduling.

Fundamental requirements and constraints

Both technologies should interact and process data from diverse sources and through development of crop models will help farmers and/or agricultural advisers on data oriented decision making.
It should be available on mobile and web/cloud deployment, give support and training to end-users and as a big MUST HAVE, the tool should have different types of users as there would be users that will be able to add information.

Is your organisation available to
  • Be an action living tester
  • Host a demonstration project
  • Interact with potential solutions providers
Digital Trend Map
  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainable Intensification
Country Spain

Contact informations

Name of the organisation TEPRO Consultores Agrícolas SL
Brief overview

TEPRO Consultores Agrícolas S.L. is Spanish Consulting Firm located in Seville. Is the leader of the TEPRO GROUP, who has over 40 years of agricultural and livestock farm management expertise. The TEPRO GROUP manages more than 75,000 hectares in southern Spain (Seville, Cádiz, Córdoba and Extremadura), Portugal and Bulgaria. We also have subsidiaries in Morocco and Senegal.
TEPRO’s multidisciplinary team covers the areas of Agro-industrial, Civil and Irrigation Engineering, Economic-Environmental-Social Assessment, Sustainable Agricultural Management, Technical national and international Consultancy and Research, Development and Innovation Projects.
OUR SPIRIT: Sustainable Agriculture Practices, Product Quality, Commitment to the Environment, fighting Climate Change (mitigation and adaptation) and promoting and implementing new technologies and ICTs in the agricultural management.
- FARM MANAGEMENT and AGRICULTURE ENGINEERING: Farm irrigation projects; Agro-industrial projects; Mediterranean crop production and management.
- CONSULTANCY: Project Assessments; Feasibility Studies; Technical Assistance; Due Diligence Assessment, Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon, Water and Product Environmental Footprint Assessment.
- RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS: Designing and implementing RDI projects.
More than 40 years of expertise on agricultural farm management and authoring experimental and demonstration activities. Possibility to develop demonstration activities as we manage over 75,000 hectares of agricultural land of a wide range of crop production and livestock farming systems and pedoclimatic zones in the Mediterranean region and Eastern Europe. We also offer our experience and expertise on conducting LCA and Carbon, Water and Product Environmental Footprint Assessments with SimaPro..

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