Challenge description

Description of the Challenge The farrowing monitoring devices available to date do not allow tracking on a large number of animals. As herd size continues to grow, a more global view of events in the building herd is a way to improve the overall performance of livestock farms. Is it possible to use a coupled night vision camera and an alert system via a smartphone?

Dairy and meat cattle farms are increasingly confronted with a grouped management of farrowing.
The peak workload at this time is increasingly high with a health risk due to slippage.
The health of farmers is also affected by this overwork, a real need for serenity surrounds these periods of risk.
A tool for monitoring building events (movement analysis) seems to have an undeniable advantage.

Fundamental requirements and constraints

Is there currently a "system" for motion analysis that can detect events in a herd in a stable using infrared technology and transfer this information to a smartphone in alert mode?
Plan a test in several farms to validate the choice of technology and verify the consistency of the computerized data collected.
What investments is the cost bearable in relation to the service provided?
What scale (operation, service provider)?
What skills to develop?
What are the conditions under which the farmer must handle the tool?
What is the bearable cost in terms of the service provided?

Is your organisation available to
  • Be an action living tester
  • Host a demonstration project
  • Interact with potential solutions providers
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Name of the organisation Fermes de Figeac
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Multifunctional Agricultural Cooperative (agricultural supplies, food distribution, energy production, materials, agricultural services)

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