Challenge description

Description of the Challenge The main objective of this challenge is to experiment an integrated solution for wine production optimization, improving the efficiency of its farming processes and the wine’s quality. A platform innovating the precision viticulture by creating added value on top of smart agriculture best-practices, which nowadays focus mostly on monitoring processes, improving efficiency and quality of wine production through sensors-based data and advanced analytics.

Nowadays, the market of smart vineyard solutions focuses on optimizing crop production and minimizing environmental impact aiming to improve wine quality and to reduce production costs. Despite that, according to a recent EC study, 77% of the winemakers are sceptical towards adoption of “smart” technologies claiming that the investments cannot be justified. On the contrary, it shows that winemakers largely invest on digital media for product promotion.
We need a platform that will provide valuable information, in order to take more efficient, effective and sustainable decisions regarding vineyard management activities: use of natural resources, pest prevention, irrigation, harvesting and other management practices scheduling.

Fundamental requirements and constraints

Improving the efficiency and quality of wine production through sensors-based data and advanced analytics. Starting from the sensors (e.g. soil humidity), data about the vineyard status must be collected and combined with online data (e.g. weather forecast) to monitor agronomic aspects, facilitate automation of actions (e.g. irrigation) and generate alerts (e.g. harvesting time). The solution must offer predictions and action plans to improve quality and leads to a cost reduction when compared to other more traditional methods.
The platform should be available on mobile and web/cloud deployment, give support and training to end-users.

Is your organisation available to
  • Be an action living tester
  • Host a demonstration project
  • Interact with potential solutions providers
Digital Trend Map
  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainable Intensification
Country Portugal

Contact informations

Name of the organisation Sociedade Agrícola e Comercial do Varosa S.A.
Brief overview

Founded over 60 years ago, Murganheira has long been combining the virtues of Mother Nature with secular winemaking tradition to become a leading producer of proven quality wines and sparkling wines of both national and international reputation.
It owns about 30 hectares of proprietary vineyards and strictly controls and oversees over 1,000 hectares of vineyards explored by associate grape suppliers. Winemaking equipment and technology that fit the label ‘state-of-the-art’ complete its structure.
Murganheira selects only the noblest wine grape varieties to produce its wines under stringently controlled winemaking processes that conform to ancestral techniques, perfected on an on-going basis.

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