Challenge description

Description of the Challenge To develop weed control systems for horticultural crops or other field crops grown according to biological methods. In particular, the system must also be effective in case of high-density horticultural crops or with a physiology development that may make hard the precision control.

Precision weed control in dense crop and in organic farming. Weeds reduce the efficiency due to the space, water and nutritive competition and affects the quality of the crop, in particular in organic cultivation where weeding actions are severely limited. Effective solutions needed in particular for spinach or pea.

Fundamental requirements and constraints

The main obstacle will be to find a solution that allows to discriminate unequivocally weeds with respect to the rest of the crop, because those type of crops has a very dense development. Another type of difficulty will consists in the costs of the technology that must be consistent with the availability of investment.

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Country Italy

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Name of the organisation CAC - Cooperativa Agricola Cesenate
Brief overview

Cooperativa Agricola Cesenate, thanks to its over 2000 associated growers, is the Italian leader in seed multiplication.
The history starts in the years following the end of World War 2, during the process of reconstruction of the rural economy. Mission: CAC is committed to satisfy the requests of its customers through the production of seeds of high quality and the supply of services related to seed business which are of benefit for its associated farmers and for its employees.

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