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Description of the Challenge Develop a mechanized/robotized solution for weed control in forest biomass plantation in France as an alternative to the use of chemicals.

Biomass plantations (ex. Short Rotation Coppice of eucalyptus) can be very productive if the technical itinerary is strictly applied, particularly regarding weed control during the first years of plantation.
Weed control in plantations, on the line and near the plants, is usually done with conventional weed killers such as glyphosate. To comply with regulatory and social issues, alternative solutions need to be found in the short term.
The mechanical and robotized control process is more and more considered in the agriculture sector. Similar solutions could be adapted to forestry. No solution exists at the moment in France and there are huge market perspectives in the very short term, for eucalyptus plantations and by extension for all planted species.

Fundamental requirements and constraints

The issue is exactly the same as in agriculture. However, solutions already developed for market gardening and arboriculture need to be adapted:
- The plot configuration can be more difficult (slope, shape),
- Plot conditions are likely to be rougher than usual agriculture plots (presence of wood remaining, soil irregular tillage)
- Plantations made with small cuttings or plants less lignified and less robust than orchard trees,
- Colour of eucalyptus leaves can be easily confused with weeds

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Country France

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Name of the organisation Enviroforesterie
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Subsidiary of group Paper Excellence in charge of forest prospection and development for pulp mills

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