Challenge description

Description of the Challenge Our routine work consist in spraying small plot field experiments (10 to 30m²) with pesticides and biologicals to evaluate their efficacy and safety. Our operators typically use a backpack sprayer with a lateral (or vertical) boom to spray the whole plot width (crop height) The challenge is to put this sprayer on wheels with a remote control : our operator stands at the edge of the field to control spraying and he is protected from direct exposure

In EU, hundreds of field researchers are involved in field spraying on small plots that are not adapted to tractor use.
By solving this challenge :
- Ease of work, no heavy charge on the back, reduced exposure to chemicals
- Better control of spraying quality and dose applied

Fundamental requirements and constraints

The difficulties are related to unstable field ground and requires flexibility to adapt to different crops and field situations (variable pathways, crop height etc)

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  • Sustainable Intensification
Country France

Contact informations

Name of the organisation Eurofins Agroscience Services SAS
Brief overview

We are a global service provider company specialized in field and laboratory testing of new agrochemicals, biologicals and crop varieties.
We conduct field & lab experimental studies in a wide range of environmental & cropping conditions.
We belong to Eurofins Scientific group, a global leader in bioanalytics, employing 38000 people across 44 countries.

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