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Description of the Challenge This challenge aims at bringing the upstream part of the forest value chain to fully leverage the benefits of Industry 4.0. To achieve this challenge, new technologies based on the Artificial Intelligence concept to monitor, analyse and support decision making are needed along the supply chain.

Currently, remote sensing technologies provide a rich source of data to characterize forest resources. The use of drones in forestry application has also increased exponentially. However, other data resources such as production data from cut-to-length machines and new sensors should be also fused to establish connections with biophysical data. This data will be used in real-time for Artificial Intelligence systems to manage the supply chain.

Fundamental requirements and constraints

The main data streams being generated in forest operation are related to the forest inventory, the machine data (from on-board computers) and the transported volume of wood (from scale or manual measurement). Most of the time, these data sets are not centralized nor widely accessible. Because of this, big data analysis is not applied to transform these raw data into actionable information.

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Name of the organisation Vicomtech
Brief overview

Vicomtech (VICOM) is a non-profit applied research centre for Interactive Computer Graphics and Multimedia located in San Sebastian (Spain). It is a non-profit association, founded in 2001 as a joint venture by the Fraunhofer INI-GraphicsNet Foundation and the EiTB Broadcasting Group. Moreover, VICOM has coordinated and participated in a number of Framework Programme projects.
Among its 120 employees, more than 80 are researchers (+35 PhD). The role of VICOM in the market is to supply society with technology by transfer of primary research to industry. This is done through collaborative R&D projects. VICOM’s main research lines lay in the fields of computer vision, computer graphics and interaction; technologies which VICOM applies in multiple sectors

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