Challenge description

Description of the Challenge The challenge is to have medium and long range climate forecast, through automated algorithm formulas, that allows the city council authorities to effectively make decisions, allocate resources, improve operational effectiveness and prevent natural disasters weather related events, planning and helping reduce ecological footstep and environmental hazards such as wildfires and deforestation

With the system, we would understand and manage weather’s impact across the region and be able to anticipate and mitigate the urban risks, population and environment with decision support tools based on weather predictive analytics.
The city council needs to effectively plan strategies, prevent natural and environmental disasters weather/forest related events.

Fundamental requirements and constraints

The Fundamental requirements and constraints are:
Reliability, expertise and timeline to allow the best decisions regarding forest fires, environmental issues and impacts to the population.
Easy, fast and accessible data to the people in charge of the municipality, who normally have lack of skilled and specialized expertise in terms of climate and weather forecast

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Country Portugal

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Name of the organisation Gondomar City Council
Brief overview

Gondomar is a city near Porto, belonging to AMP-Porto Metropolitan Are, with a population of 175.000 and is the one with the largest forest area in the AMP.

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