How to submit a challenge ?

What is a Challenge?

A Challenge is a recognition of an opportunity, from the agrofood, forestry and environment stakeholders, that may be improved or solved with innovative digital solutions.

Why proposing a Challenge

Join this DIVA Call for Challenges if you wish to publish and give visibility to challenges you want to solve. We will help you define your challenge, and then encourage innovators and solution providers to propose innovative solutions. You have to opportunity to work with them on solving your problem.
Two selective calls for projects with nearly €3 million in budget will be launched to fund the best innovative solutions by SMEs through several innovation vouchers reaching up to €60k

How can I propose a challenge ?

You are invited to fill the following template and send it to your DIVA National Contact Point who will check your application.

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List of challenges

Here the list of all challenges submitted to DIVA and validated by the team.

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List of Challenges

Lakeland Dairies – Ireland

Large-scale process industries, such as agrofood, milk and beverage processing, are required to deploy the best available technology to reduce their impact on the local environment and reduce their contribution to sectoral and national carbon emissions. Current CIP systems consume large quantities of energy, water and cleaning chemicals and generate large quantities of effluent requiring expensive treatment in wastewater treatment plants. Reducing the resources used by CIP systems is the key challenge.

  • Circular Economy
  • Digital Economy
  • Sustainable Intensification