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Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation is an agricultural and agro-industrial innovation cluster in the southwestern regions of France (Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitanie), gathering some 400 members. Its members are mostly SMEs and mid-caps, laboratories, research centres and institutions. The cluster’s priority is to support SMEs and mid-caps and increase their added value, by helping them meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Address : 8 Chemin de la Crouzette, 31320 Auzeville-Tolosane, France
Phone : 05 61 32 13 60
Website :

AMETIC, the Association of Electronics, Information and Communications Technologies, Telecommunications and Digital Content Companies, champions the interests of Spanish businesses in a hyper-sector that is varied, dynamic and, with 30% of private R&D investment, the Spanish economy’s most innovative sector with the highest growth capacity. Our constantly-evolving member companies are the key driving force for convergence towards the Digital Economy.

AMETIC represents a key sector for employment and competitiveness, with a major impact on Spain’s GDP and excellent outsourcing possibilities for other production sectors. Its cross-cutting approach enables digitization of business processes for both product generation and offer of services.

We represent a group of more than 200 companies that leverage sustainable economic development, improve the competitiveness of other sectors, generate quality employment, raise Spain’s export ratio and enhance the value of our country and its industry.

Address : Calle Principe de Vergara 74, 28006, Madrid
Phone : +34 91 590 23 00
Website :

CRPV is a cooperative company, located in Cesena (Po Valley), operating in the development of research and services supply for crop production, in four main sectors: a) fruits, vegetables, seed, floriculture; b) viticulture, oenology and olive oil; c) cereals, beets and oilseed crops; d) bio-energy.

Its mission is to promote, manage and participate in research and experimental projects on agro-food sector and spread the emerging results to the agricultural production system. The beneficiaries of these projects are in fact the producers and stakeholders of the agro-food sector.

Address :
Phone :
Website :

Fundación Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (CTA) is a regional public-private partnership (PPP) that was created in 2005 as joint effort of Andalusia regional government and a group of key companies to trigger innovation activities performed by the Andalusian private sector and to connect these activities with academia and society, supporting public bodies innovation policy implementation and promoting world-class R&I in a transition region. Currently, CTA is owned by more than 150 companies, 70% of them SMEs, in 7 main European industrial priority sectors: ICT, Aerospace and productive processes, Agri-food, Biotechnology, Building and civil engineering, Energy and Environment, and Leisure and Tourism. CTA’s main activity during these years has been advising, mentoring and funding (with own funds) innovation projects lead by companies and with a clear a measurable market application in a short and medium term, being therefore deeply embedded in the productive system.

Address : C/Albert Einstein s/n. Edificio Insur, 4ª pta. 41092, Sevilla
Phone : +34 954 46 13 52
Website :

Digital 113 is the cluster of digital companies in the Occitanie Region (South West of France), in South of France. The cluster was created in 2019 mergin DigitalPlace and FrencSouth.Digital. Digital 113 has around 350 companies as members mostly startups (28%) and software editors (30%). Our cluster has 11 full time employees and work closely with local entreprenors. Our mission is to help companies growing.

Address : 9 rue Louis Courtois de Viçose, 31100 Toulouse, France
Phone : +335 34 31 41 95
Website :

GRNET S.A. was created in 1998 under the auspices of the Ministry of Development – General Secretariat of Research and Technology in order to provide high quality Internet services to the Greek research and academic community.

GRNET,  is a computing infrastructure provider with strong ties to research and academic communities. GRNET, through its offered cloud and HPC services, provides resources and support to scientists in various domains, including Earth Sciences, Life Sciences and Engineering. All these communities have similar requirements regarding advanced data analysis and scientific workflow design and execution. Such use-cases are targeted by the DARE hyper-platform and a successful outcome of the project will provide the necessary tools to significantly simplify their interaction with computing infrastructures and improve the quality and efficiency of scientific work.

The Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET S.A. is a state–owned company, operating under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education – General Secretariat for Research and Technology. It is an integrated electronic Infrastructure provider whose mission is to support high–quality e-Infrastructure services to the academic, research and educational community of Greece; and link these with global e-Infrastructures; and to disseminate ICT to the general public.  GRNET is the leading data infrastructure provider for the R&E community in Greece with over 11 Petabytes of raw disk storage and 7 Petabytes of tape archive. GRNET currently exploits multiple storage technologies, which include open-source projects (Ceph/Rados), in-house developed software (synnefo/archipelago), enterprise parallel file systems (IBM/GPFS) and enterprise Network Attached Storage boxes (EMC/Netapp). GRNET supports a number of communities in Greece and beyond. GRNET is one of the core data centers of EUDAT data infrastructure, and partner in the EUDAT2020 project, heavily involved in infrastructure operations.  Regarding cloud computing, GRNET operates Infrastructure as a Service ~okeanos via large datacenters (84 racks, 1200+ servers, 10000 Virtual Machines active, 5 Petabytes of storage), and is/was involved in a number of core pan-European cloud projects. GRNET is also developing Synnefo, the cloud software for ~okeanos. GRNET is strongly involved in pan–European High-Performance Computing (HPC) Initiatives: it is a core member of PRACE project series and has coordinated HP–SEE project (High–Performance Computing Infrastructure for South East Europe’s Research Communities), which established the HPC infrastructure in South East Europe. GRNET is currently operating the Greek national HPC Tier–1 centre offering a 180 TFlops computing system, 1 TB of parallel file storage and respective application support services.  GRNET coordinates the Greek National Grid Initiative – HellasGrid, which federates a number of Grid sites in the country. It is one of the core participants in EGI and the related EGI-Engage project, where it operates a number of pan-European core services; while in EGEE (Enabling Grids for E SciencE) projects series it also ran the Regional Operations Centre for South–East Europe. It has been involved in coordinating Grid activities in SEE (15 countries) for 6 years through a 3 phases of SEE–GRID projects. GRNET has been a core partner in EUMEDGRID, EUCHINAGRID, CHAIN and CHAIN-REDS projects, stimulating computing developments globally. Regarding policy issues in computing infrastructures, GRNET was represented as a partner in the eIRG-SP projects series and EGI-DS. The GRNET e-Infrastructure activities in different technological platforms discussed above are unified within the VI-SEEM project, where a consortium of 16 countries in South-East Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean come together in sharing and co-operating e-Infrastructure services and building a Virtual Research Environment for diverse scientific fields.  Together with inclusive AAI and Persistent Data Identification services, the computing and storage platforms of GRNET form the backbone for the big data manipulations (archiving, mirroring, curation, computing, sharing) across the R&E and eGov spectrum. GRNET is also expected to be a partner in EOSC-Hub project responsible for a number of core services and tasks such as AAI & Monitoring. GRNET is also expected to offer its services to EGI fed cloud via open standards such as OCCI & CDMI and a number of EUDAT services such as B2HANDLE&B2SHARE via the combined Service Catalogue of EOSC-Hub. In addition GRNET together with the National Observatory of Athens, provide the infrastructure for the Greek node of the COPERNCUS Collaborative Ground Segment:

Address : 7, Kifisias Avenue, 11523 Athens, Greece
Phone : 00302107474261
Website :

We are one of the most important innovation center in Europe, established in 2005. A one-of-a-kind hub where Human Factor, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Education are combined together. We have been the first in the world to adopt a model that brings together investments, business consultancy and digitally augmented educational programs all into one place.

WE INVEST IN INNOVATIVE IDEAS THAT MOVE THE WORLD. We support both small, innovative companies as well as established enterprises in developing and accelerating their businesses.

WE GUIDE COMPANIES IN THEIR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. We work together with companies to enable digital transformation initiatives, from planning to execution.

WE DESIGN THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION. We provide innovative methods and approaches in digital education for students and companies.

Address : Via Sile 41, 31056 Roncade (TV) – Italy
Phone : +39 0422789611
Website :

Tec Labs is the place where all the science and technology-based entrepreneurship related initiatives happen within the Faculty of Sciences of University of Lisbon. For the last 30 years we have been supporting and promoting the economic valorisation and knowledge transfer in this school.

We believe in innovation, rigor and collaboration. These ideals inspire our vision of a society that values the knowledge created in the university environment.

We assume two missions, which we consider to be symbiotic and complementary:

:: KNOWLEDGE VALORISATION – R&D developed in this school with proven potential to generate innovative projects;

:: INCUBATION – projects or startups to which we provide the necessary resources for a successful implementation

Address : Campus da FCUL
Campo Grande
1749-016 Lisboa Portugal
Phone : +351 217 500 006 | +351 217 500 172
Website :

INESC TEC is a private non-profit research institution, dedicated to scientific research and technological development, technology transfer, advanced consulting and training, and pre-incubation of new technology-based companies.

As an institution operating at the interface of the academic and business worlds, bringing closer together academia, companies, public administration, and society, INESC TEC typically applies the knowledge and results generated as part of its research in technology transfer projects, seeking value creation and immediate social relevance.

The 13 R&D Centres of INESC TEC are structured in four thematic domains – Computer Science, Industry and Innovation, Networked Intelligent Systems, and Power and Energy.

INESC TEC hosts over 700 integrated researchers (about 350 PhDs), including staff researchers, researchers from Higher Education Institutions, grant holders and affiliated researchers. INESC TEC’s team also includes trainees, and technical and administrative support staff.

Mission: The mission of INESC TEC is to achieve advancement in science and technology and to enable science-based innovation through the transfer of new knowledge and technologies to industry, services and public administration.

Vision: INESC TEC vision is to be a leading Science and Technology Institution at international level, perceived as an important world player, in the domains of Computer Science, Industry and Innovation, Networked Intelligent Systems, and Power and Energy.

Address : INESC TEC,  Campus da FEUP
    Rua Dr. Roberto Frias
    4200 – 465 Porto. Portugal
Phone : +351 222 094 000
Website :

Teagasc – the Agriculture and Food Development Authority – is the national body providing integrated research, advisory and training services to the agriculture and food industry and rural communities.


Teagasc is the leading organisation in the fields of agriculture and food research in Ireland, undertaking innovative research in:

  • Animal and Grassland Research and Innovation
  • Crops, Environment and Land Use
  • Food

Rural Economy and Development Teagasc collaborate extensively with Irish and International universities and research institutes. Our post-graduate fellowship programme, which supports more than 100 MSc and PhD students annually in our research centres, enhances this collaboration.The Irish economy in general, agricultural producers and consumers specifically, have benefited substantially from the technological development and new information emanating from research undertaken by Irish scientists. Moorepark Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre has played a pivotal role in the development of the Irish dairy industry. Since its establishment by the Irish Government in 1959, Moorepark has evolved to become the focal point of research on milk production in Ireland. As the National Dairy Research Centre, Moorepark is responsible for all aspects of dairy production research.

Address :
Phone :
Website :

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