Demonstration site registration

DIVA is meant to foster the emergence and support innovative ideas of digital solutions for the agri-food sector, forestry and environment. In the innovation process, the demonstration step turns out to be very important as it is necessary to test the solution in real or near to real conditions, and to demonstrate it for potential customers.

What can be a demonstration site ?
Sites where SMEs will be able to implement their digital solution in real conditions and test it. They can be farms or any other facilities (industrial process facilities, a market place, a forest area or a technological platform…).

What is expected from the demonstration sites ?
Demonstration sites should be ready to host experiments, apply a protocol and provide feedback to the SMEs under conditions to be specified.

What DIVA will bring 
The visibility of a European project and the integration in an international network. Demonstration sites will be displayed on the internet and may be solicited by companies to implement a project.

How can I be part of the DIVA demonstration-site nerwork ?
You are invited to fill the following template and letter of declaration and send it to your DIVA National Contact Point who will check your application.

Download template

NOTE: GRNET could offer Cloud Computing services (dynamic and on-demand available computing / network / storage resources) to the vouchers winners on the basis of technical feasibility and regulatory constraints of  the individual requests. The services will be offered in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), under the brand name ~ okeanos. By using ~ okeanos, any eligible user can create a multi-layer virtual infrastructure, combining simple virtual building blocks: virtual machines can be activated in just a few seconds through virtual networks on random topologies, while data storage is feasible either on virtual drives or cloud object storage.

List of demonstrations sites