Host description


Machines for soil tillage, Machines for weed control, Irrigation system(s); Drip irrigation and accessories (in olive grove and in greenhouse), Equipment with remote control:Drones (with 2 NDVI cameras and a Sparying-15 liter tank)
Livestock and pastures
- Radio frequency ID
- Automated milking, feeding, and monitoring systems
Precision farming facilities
- Precision Application technologies (If yes specify)
From top to toe for seeding, harvesting, weed control, Qa, etc.
- Data acquisition technologies (If yes please specify): web based weather stations, field and aerialsensors, aeaewrial sensors

- Data analysis & evaluation technologies (If yes specify): GIS software *
- Others (specify) Mapping and geostatistical software

Irrigation connections on field head
Electricity in field availability
Electrical generator availability
Availability of tractors /
machines equipped with GPS system
Availability of machines for harvest.
If yes specify for which crop(s):


Availability of refrigerated cells for storage and conservation
Availability of mechanical workshop: fixing ups, soldering, etc.
Availability of a storehouse with latch for equipment…
Possibility of connection for data transmission (3G, 4G, others) a
Other devices, data, equipment availability
Please specify:

Slaughter house
Feeding meal
Food processing units
Snail production & processing
Mushroom production

Experience in farm demonstration activities (years) 100
Country Greece

Farm informations

Land without cultivation surface Surface (ha) / number List of crops/kinds
Land without cultivation 6
Arable crops 110 Corn for silage , Corn for grain, SEED Barle, COTTON Durum wheat, Legumes, Herbs
Vegetable crops 0.5 (Greenhouse) Green house
Vineyard 1
Orchards crops 11 olives, pomegranate
Other crops 1
Livestock 44.000 Cattle , Turkeys, Hens

Farm informations

Available for
Availability of optical fibre / 4G connection for data transmission No

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