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ASTRA, in the 4 locations has over 70 hectares of land, greenhouses, winery and laboratories for chemical, microbiological, sensory and qualitative analyses.
The activities carried out within the farm involve the main productive sectors: fruit, horticultural in protected cultivation and in open field), viticulture and seed production and extensive and industrial crops. The main issues concern:
- evaluation of product innovations (e.g., varietal assessments, quality monitoring, support for public and private genetic improvement projects);
- the development and evaluation of process innovations (new agronomic techniques, implementation of complex production systems, control and rationalization of the production process, reduction of environmental impact);
- development of innovations for organic crops;
- development of technological innovations on agro-food production like preservability lines at controlled temperatures, lines of minivinification and microvinification, potato cooking line; studies aimed at testing phytosanitary tools/products and herbicides.
ASTRA carries out research projects for the genetic improvement of fruit and vegetables, for the development of cultivation techniques, for the use of biomass, for standardization of the quality of fruit and vegetables, zoning and territorial characterization; improvement of viticulture and fruit production, the development of new processes and products in the wine sector.
ASTRA provides a counter service for operators and technicians of the agricultural sector, organization of conferences, technical meetings, guided tours and pomological exhibitions; publications in specialized trade magazines.
In carrying out its activities it is part of a network of collaborations and interactions that include University Institutes, Research Organizations, Experimental Institutes of MiPAF, laboratories and Experimental Companies of Emilia-Romagna and other regions, institutional bodies and development agencies, rural areas of different Italian regions. This allows ASTRA and its technicians and researchers to participate in numerous national and regional working groups and technical commissions.
The motivations for applying for an experimental company in the context of the DIVA project is related to the company's mission. ASTRA has always been a company that carries out research, experimentation and innovation in the field of agriculture.

Experience in farm demonstration activities (years) 40
Country Italy

Farm informations

Land without cultivation surface Surface (ha) / number List of crops/kinds
Land without cultivation 5.5
Arable crops 12 Wheat - organic and integrated management, Barley - integrated management
Vegetable crops 17 (Open fieldGreenhouse) Pepper - organic and integrated management in greenhouse, Tomatoes - integrated management, Lettuce - integrated management
Vineyard 5
Orchards crops 14 Peaches - integrated management, Apricots - integrated management
Other crops 0
Livestock 0

Farm informations

Available for
  • Implementation
  • Experimentation
Availability of optical fibre / 4G connection for data transmission Yes

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