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The Etablières site is an experimental farm serving beef cattle producers. This farm is a fattening breeder system with purchase in Charolais breed, or other breeds following the tests. Experiments are conducted on farm practices that are reproducible for farmers, economically viable and sustainable. The experimental programs are validated by the partners committee in consultation with the F@rmXP network and the Pays de la Loire meat research committee and Digifermes® network.

The main research topics for the coming years are the management of the suckling herd, the fattening of young cattle and culled, the quality of meat,
energy (electricity generation - solar panels) and precision farming. News themes: disease control and prevention with sensors, sensors to monitor water intake by animals in grasslands and in housing, connected fence…

Experience in farm demonstration activities (years) 50
Country France

Farm informations

Land without cultivation surface Surface (ha) / number List of crops/kinds
Land without cultivation 30
Arable crops 122 Temporary grassland, Cereals, Maize silage
Vegetable crops 0 ()
Vineyard 0
Orchards crops 0
Other crops 0
Livestock 450 Beef cows, Charolais bulls for reproduction, Bulls, Cows and Heifers for fattening

Farm informations

Available for
  • Experimentation
Availability of optical fibre / 4G connection for data transmission Yes

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