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The School of Agricultural Engineering of the University of Seville (ETSIA) is located in the North East of Seville. The available research facilities include more than 4 ha of land for field trials. There are several kinds of crop fruits such as, citrus, olive, apples trees among others.
ETSIA provides a place for companies with departmental laboratories, growth chambers with precise environment simulation (temperature, humidity, light intensity and air flow), microplots that combine harvesters with yield monitors, field sprayers, seeders and greenhouses.
The School also has one electronic lab which is well equipped with a complete set of electronic components including LEDs, sensors, IR thermometers and autonomous vehicles. Moreover, lab is equipped with the following instrumentation: a field-portable dual-channel spectrometer (UniSpec DC, PP Systems, Amsbury, MA, USA); PRI and NDVI spectral reflectance sensors (SRS, Decagon Devices, Pullman, WA); an infrared radiometer (model MI-230) (Apogee Instruments Inc., USA); a multispectral camera with three broad band spectral channels (green, red and near infrared (NIR)); one narrow-band channel and an RGB sensor (Parrot Sequoia,; an LMS 111 LiDAR laser scanner (SICK AG, Waldkirch, Germany); and a Velodyne VLP-16 LiDAR (San Jose, CA, USA), among others equipment’s.

Experience in farm demonstration activities (years) 29
Country Spain

Farm informations

Land without cultivation surface Surface (ha) / number List of crops/kinds
Land without cultivation 0
Arable crops 1 wheat, barley
Vegetable crops 1 () lettuce, tomato
Vineyard 0.01
Orchards crops 0 citrus, apples, olive trees, cherry trees
Other crops 0
Livestock 30 chicken, rabbit

Farm informations

Available for
  • Implementation
  • Experimentation
Availability of optical fibre / 4G connection for data transmission No

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