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Honey processing plant, located in the ouskirts of Valencia, España. New age facilities that supply honey to industries, supermarkets and gourmet shops in order to give a wide answer with the best finished product. Facilities include a processing plant and bottling unit for packed honey (poliflora and monofloral) and count with a laboratory, and a heating room.
The process begins with a prehaeating treatment for later , proceed to homogenization until reaching a temperature close to 40ºC. Then proceed to heating at 75ºC for 3 minutes, taking the honey to a resting tank. The honey is filtered until the client's requirement is reached, usually 200 microns. Subsequently, packaging is carried out from this tank in the customer's desired format, from jars, buckets, drums or bulk tanks.
Facilities are oversized, in order to allow to work without any problem. Production is 1.000.000kg/year of bulk honey, 50.000 kg/ year of beewax, 80.000 kg/year of pollen and 200.000 kg/year of packed honey

Experience in farm demonstration activities (years) 117
Country Spain

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List of products bulk honey, beewax, pollen and packed honey
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