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PulvéLab aims to accelerate innovation in precision viticulture by offering public and private partners a dedicated vineyard to test, evaluate and demonstrate the performance of innovative solutions in the specific topic of grapevine protection : smart sprayers, sensors and tools for modulation, traceability, and more broadly all the tools that can help winegrowers to reduce their use of pesticides and their impacts on the environment.

The 10 ha vineyard is finely characterized, with several datasets : fields map, LiDAR vegetation indicators maps, NDVI maps by tele or proxi-detection, Physiocap® ... The PulvéLab is also equipped with sensors for the traceability of spraying and environmental parameters in order to evaluate innovative sprayers (prototypes from manufacturers) and to estimate the saving of pesticides in operational conditions. The expertise of the joint Research Unit team EcoTech (IFV &IRSTEA, Montpellier) in spraying and grapevine protection completes this offer of skills.

Experience in farm demonstration activities (years) 2
Country France

Farm informations

Land without cultivation surface Surface (ha) / number List of crops/kinds
Land without cultivation 0
Arable crops 13 Durum Wheat
Vegetable crops 0 ()
Vineyard 12
Orchards crops 0
Other crops 0
Livestock 0

Farm informations

Available for
  • Implementation
  • Experimentation
Availability of optical fibre / 4G connection for data transmission Yes

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