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Yiorgos KOKKINOS, is member and the CEO of Nileas. He has studied Economics while in 1995 he began to work professionally as a farmer by initially joining a Young Farmers Program with main activity olive cultivation. In 1998 he re-established the Agricultural Cooperative of Chora Messinia, which was founded in 1931. The year 2001 is a turning point in his career as farm manager and producer, because of the establishment of the producer group NILEAS which was a pioneering experiment for the Greek cooperative scene in the olive cultivation area. He manages and cultivates more than 30 ha of organic olive groves, pursuing the adoption and implementation of new cultivating techniques for enhancing the quality and quantity of the final product. He is searching for precision farming tools in order to optimize his cultivation practices. It's collaboration with various Institutes and academia like Benaki Phytopathological Institute and the Agricultural University of Athens, is helping efficiently upgrading it's good farming practices.

The olive grove fields can be found around the area of Chora Messinias ( 37.0495347 Latitude, 21.7192092 Longitude). The fields are at different elevation level from the seas (from 210 meters up to 350 m) and help produce olives of very high quality. The main olive variety that is cultivated in the parcels is the Koroneiki variety which is one of the most well known varieties for the production of very high olive oil quality. The second largest variety that is cultivated in the region is Mavrolia.

Experience in farm demonstration activities (years) 5
Country Greece

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List of products organic olives
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Benaki Phytopathological Institute and Agricultural University of Athens

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