Developed within the European Horizon 2020 program, the DIVA initiative has led to support and finance the deployment of digital innovations in the agri-food, environment and forestry sectors. Created and coordinated by Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, together with 9 highly motivated partners, the project started in 2018 and has just ended.

Let us remind that within DIVA, two open calls were launched in February 2019 and February 2020 at the European level. As a whole more than 400 proposals were received. In the end, 134 projects involving 180 SMEs from 9 different EU countries were selected: 88 maturation projects, 38 demonstration projects and 8 internationalization projects, which represents a 35 % average success rate. The beneficiaries have benefited from direct financial support under the form of vouchers worth 10 to 60 k€ depending on the type of project and a strong support of expertise from the DIVA partners to carry out their project. The list and summary of all the projects is available on:

We are very proud to mention that the initial objectives (KPIs) of DIVA have been reached and exceeded.
Among different indicators, DIVA resulted in :

  • 2,7 M€ allocated to SMEs
  • 28 % of trans-national projects
  • 58 projects leading to business contracts between the SMEs or with other stakeholders
  • 124 new solutions / services developped
  • 3,1 of leverage effect

The European label of DIVA provided visibility and credibility to attract investors and 34 SMEs benefited from an equity investment worth 3,9 M€. Adding the 4,8 M€ budget investment made by the SMEs, this represents a total of 8,4 M€ of private investment, that is a leverage effect of 3,1 for the EC investment (2,7 M€ of vouchers).

Lessons learned and good practices for the development and deployment of agri-digital solutions have been formalised. Recommendations to encourage SMEs and to improve support mechanisms have been produced. Last but not least, DIVA contributed to creating dynamics that find an echo at regional and European level. The Digital Innovation Hub (e-DIH) initiative will typically build on some of the DIVA regional actions. The community will be further valorised through the Green Deal and Horizon Europe programs to meet the European digital transformation and environmental sustainability objectives.

Here are our last productions, enjoy !

Nicolas Nguyen The, Coordinator of the DIVA project

Lydia Brunault, DIVA project manager

With the efficient contribution of Julien Delrio (Digital 113)