Exploitation and upgrade of a 3-day, frost and heatwave forecast system, at microclimate level, for the early warning and support of producers in the region of Central Macedonia on the preventive and curative crop protection management techniques.

GRIDNET (Greece)

In the context of AgroInnoSense, a multidisciplinary consortium will be set up with members from IT and telecommunications (GRIDNET SA) and Agrometeorology (3D SA). GRIDNET SA, in collaboration with 3D SA, will undertake:

  • The expansion of the current network of meteorological stations in a selected area of Central Macedonia
  • The interconnection of the field data with the WRF-ARW and Geographical Information systems owned by 3D SA.

This will enable:

  • The accurate estimation of the probability of occurrence and the
  • Mapping of the expected extent and intensity of an adverse weather phenomenon, with significantly improved spatial and temporal analysis. At the last stage of the process the regular updating of farmers via digital weather reports and alerts adapted to the local climate and plant variance will take place

Biowave 2.0

Microwave technology to valorise to agri-food waste streams

 Ashleigh Environmental (Ireland)

The AgWave project will demonstrate Ashleigh Environmentals disruptive microwave treatment technology for the agro-food biogas market. A modular bolt-on system for new or existing anaerobic digestion (AD) plants, Biowave™ increases biogas production by up to 40% and reduces AD reaction times.

The technology target market is global agro-food producers (Dairy processing, Meat Processing, Farmers, Brewing/Distilling) who face increasing pressure to
significantly reduce their carbon emissions and transform organic by-products such as manures, bioliquids and biomass into renewable energy in the form of biogas.

The project will deliver extensive software and process optimisation features to the existing large scale demonstration unit. Microwaves have traditionally been used in the chemical and pharma industry and now offer an exciting application in the valorisation of agro-food related waste streams.

ESTA Pheno

Environmental Stress Tolerance Assesment & Phenotyping

Vegetal Signals(France)

Considering the climate change driver of evolution in agriculture, plant breeding is nowadays strongly focused on the adaptation of genotypes to climate uncertainty and to the various climatic stresses that are becoming more frequent. A continuous measurement of the plant behavior could allow to assess the capability to face these different hazards.

Based on Vegetal Signals current plant electrophysiological signal acquisition and processing technology, our project aims to develop a method for diagnosing thermic and water stress tolerance for varietal selection.

The project is led by Vegetal Signals in collaboration with Antedis and JS Consulting, two companies active on the seed breeding market with a strong expertise in conducting agronomic trials.

Our ambition is to setup a small-scale demonstration of our phenotyping capacity as a first step before the commercialization of a phenotyping service which would be distributed by Antedis and JS Consulting.

One major seed production company has already indicated its interest in the use of the phenotyping service that could be settled up at the end of the project.


A new product based on satellite imagery to better manage nitrogen in the vineyard

TerraNIS (France)

TerraNIS and ICV aim to speed-up the development a new product based on satellite imagery to better manage nitrogen in the vineyard. With their complementary skills, they already distribute the OEnoview service in France and worldwide.

TerraNIS brings its expertise in satellite imagery analysis and generates added-value products, and the ICV group brings its knowledge in viticulture and winemaking. The new product will help better characterizing the leaf nitrogen status by delivering N-status maps at field scale.

Associated to the already existing vine vigor product of the Oenoview offer, it will provide a complementary tool for decision making to improve fertilizer inputs, pruning and yield control. Some research work has already been conducted to develop a model allowing to estimate leaves nitrogen content at the parcel level from satellite imagery. The goal here is to demonstrate the validity of the product, both technically and economically, in an operational context.


Olive Tree Management Digitalization


The Olive Management Digitalization (OMD) project consist in developing a new digital tool for managing and solving the problems related to the olive plant. The collaboration between three different enterprises, Santa Cruz Ingenieria, Making Web and Dream Occasion, will make possible the development of OMD software. This software will integrate the best literature and consortium experience to having an intelligent and powerful product.

The main idea of OMD software consists in management of olive pests and diseases by giving all digital instructions in how to collect the different samples under the integrated agriculture practices and what decisions to take. OMD software will process the inserted data samples, and, automatically, will provide the information if there exist any risk/problem, and if it exists, the software will suggest to the user all the possible solutions in details. By introducing this digital management practice in the olive sector, we aim to reduce the costs, increase farm production and profits, improve the final product quality, reduce the environment chemical products contamination and promote the sustainable agriculture.

We are hopeful that OMD software will facilitate farmers daily work and will revolutionize the olive plant management towards to the digital age.


Estimating WATer efficiency in soil using SATellite images and modeling approach

TEPRO (Spain)

TEPRO, Spanish agricultural consultancy with over 40 years’ experience present in Portugal, Bulgaria, Morocco and Senegal and expertise in the agriculture sector from technical, economic and environmental perspective. TEPRO gives comprehensive agricultural management to 80,000 ha fostering RDI within the company.

Evenor-Tech is a technology based company and belongs to ICT sector applied to land use planning and member of GSP and Copernicus Relay, with over 10 years’ experience on solutions for agro-ecological consultancy companies, administration, as well as JRC and EC. Both SMEs involved in WATSAT project aim to develop a digital solution based on satellite images giving valuable information for smart decision-making regarding sustainable and efficient use of water management by making predictive analysis on water crop demand. A combination of different approaches using open satellite, soil and meteorological data will be applied to achieve the objective in commercial olive orchards.


Using Copernicus Earth Observation and onboard vehicle connectivity system to disrupt Precision Agriculture.

Agroinsider (Portugal)


Decision support tool for intra-plot modulation of apple’s thinning process, using imaging and data analysis in real-time.

 Raison’Alpes (France)

Cclair is a decision tool for apple trees’ thinning. This phase consists in the removal of a part flowers and fruits to keep the optimal number of fruits with the aimed size for commercialization. By developing a trees’ blooming image acquisition and a data analysis methodology, Cclair produces a plot cartography of the blooming’s intensity.

This cartography will be used by the farmers to adjust the apple trees’ thinning to optimize their production. Cclair produces a plot cartography of the blooming’s intensity.


Integration of IOT devices and irrigation DSS for sustainable fruit production


Creation and exploitation of a DSS, integrated with IoT sensors, oriented to sustainable agriculture needs and end-user requirements, addressing water inputs reduction coupled with quality objectives.

The main innovation brings by the project is the integration of a well-validated DSS for crop water management and water saving in a farm management system able to automatically collect information from IoT sensors combined with information about the other crop management operations entered by the farmer. All the information are linked to the production lot and made available to the storage warehouse.

The result is a closer integration across the value-chain: improving upstream and downstream data flow through a data-platform will allow for new logistical and other efficiencies to be realised, such as maximising product freshness and quality while minimizing resources input.


Smart Sensorial Irrigation of the Olive Cultivation and other irrigation crops

BrioAgro Tech, S.L. (Spain)

OliveSense proposes a large-scale demonstrator (in Spain and Portugal) of smart sensed irrigation system applied to irrigation crops, especially olive, to optimize the moment, and use of water according with the needs of the crops, achieving the maximum yield.

OliveSense provides a smart Fertigation, system that monitors intelligent and responsible environmental and crops evolution variables to apply the water and fertilizers needed by the plant.

The present project is composed by the whole value chain players: Brioagro – an IA product owner and Maher the irrigation product manufacturer. We count with the support of the end-users and potential Customers, which allows cross-border validation with the involvement of two additional stakeholders San José de los Cantosales” in Spain, and “Goudhina Farm” in Portugal.

Thus, we achieve savings in water, energy and fertilizers of more than 20% of those consumed so far, while reducing the percolation of excess fertilization to aquifers.


Remote and real-time vinification monitoring solution and management software

WATGRID, LDA (Portugal)

Winegrid 2.0 is a solution for real-time monitoring of wine vinificatiom a sensor-based platform that monitors the entire process in the cellar. Offers long-range wireless data communication solutions and cloud-based platform with state of the art data analysis techniques that enable data visualization and make analytical and automated reports, alarms and quality forecast.

Secure, flexible computational platform and user-friendly personal dashboard where you can have real-time quality control of the wine/must. With the solution, you can get some values directly from your cellar as level, density, turbidity, color intensity and temperature of the wine in your barrels/tanks provided by smart devices sensors previous installed.

With Winegrid 2.0 you can follow the whole process of wine production from the moment the grapes arrive to the cellar intul the wine is ready to be bottled in fast, easy and automatic way avoiding waste, wine alteration and problems caused by delayed intervention.


Grape WIne NUTrient consideration to optimize vineyard PROtection Decision Support System

  PROMETE SAS (France)


Aerial Potato Disease Evaluation

Delair (France)

Measurements of trait characteristics for scientific research, breeding and chemical trials purposes is typically a subjective process, performed by humans on the ground. Plant protection research companies conduct thousands of multi-plot experiments annually, and they need solutions to improve and automate their workflows in field to improve accuracy and traceability.

UAV solutions have proven to be a more objective and reliable way to perform frequent and standardized analyses. These solutions, produced by Delair, are operational and successfully deployed by many seed breeder customers worldwide.

APODE aims to demonstrate how plant protection research companies can increase productivity by using drone data to measure crop response to chemicals. The focus will be on potato blight and will involve Delair as the drone and data processing platform supplier, Geoinspect as the professional drone flight supplier, and Eurofins Agroscience Services as the plant protection reserch company.


Agrifood value chain Communication Platform

HERFEVARO S.L. (Naturcode) (Spain)

ComPlat it is the bidirectional communication channel between all the links of the agrifood chain its uniqueness lies in that it does no belong to any of the members and through its code of good practices alows to regulate in a transparent and fair way the information that is offered  and the data collected.

ComPlat through a distintive QR gives access to the consumer to a series of information of interest and that are not reflected in the physical label of the product, such as particularities, allergens, exact origin, photographs of product development and or breeding of the animals, plantations, videos of the company, as well as allowing consumers to leave an evaluation on the product, which creates confidence to other consumers and improves sale, on the other hand the producer also receives information from scans (where and when it is scanned and in what information the consumer wss interested in the platform) improving the decision making process.


ICT tools adding value to forestry on small plots of land


42% of European forests are made up out of small plots of land with an average surface of between 1 and 15 ha. In some countries 90% of all forest owners are “small” land owners. These small plots of land are mostly underdeveloped, poorly managed and hardly generate revenue for their owners. Iberian Peninsula, home to the smallest plots in Europe.

20 billion euros per year is the revenue generated by European forests. They can be credited for 3 million jobs. Sustainable forest management reduces costs and increases productivity. Forest certification, like FSC and PEFC, increases returns with up to 12%. Forests provide biomass for energy production meaning more than 50% of the EU’s renewable energy production.

The demonstrator is based on 320.000 € already invested by SEISTAG and CERNA to develop ICTrees tool under collaborating R+D project SOFOR4.0.
SEISTAG and CERNA will work together to define four potential business models.


OLIVE oil TRACEability system supported by blockchain technology

Gálvez Productos Agroquímicos S.L.U (Spain)

OLIVETRACE project is a private unitiative with the aim of helping to improve the traceability of the Extra Virgin Oil, and to its commercialization using Blockchain Technology (BCT).

Blockchain solutions applied in OLIVETRACE facilitate the management of information linked to production systems and transactions with a non-vulnerable method transmitting truthful information guarantee throughout the entire value chain.

The project will serve to improve the transparency of customer information, guarantee production and transaction systems along the entire chain, avoid fraud in any block of the value chain, and improve business reputation through the application of the latest technologies

Stoock V2 Validation

Validation of new stoock version in operational field.

eAgroop (Portugal)

Agroop developed an innovative and scalable crop monitoring technology, based on a combined software (Agroop Cooperation) + hardware (Stoock) solution.

The Stoock is an all-in-one IoT device which collects 5 different parameters on the field – air temperature, air moisture, solar radiation, soil temperature and soil moisture at several depths.

After collecting the data, our system is able to generate algorithms and value-added insights that our users can access using the Agroop Cooperation software.


Web-based platform for innovative forest Green Infrastructures finance

Etifor SRL (Italy)