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DIVA is an accelerator for innovative digital solutions for the Agri-Food, Forestry and Environment sectors. Beyond providing a financial support to SMEs, DIVA provides an expertise support to help companies in setting-up their strategy of development. Industrial property management is one of the key to deal with.

This 1st IP webinar will present an overview of the different existing types of Intellectual Property (IP) assets available, in particular for software-related and IoT-related inventions, with a focus on patent assets. A 2nd IP webinar will be planned in October to specifically discuss protection and valorization of databases.

In this 1st Webinar, we will discuss efficient IP strategies and good practices, especially for startups and mid-sized companies, and we will also cover patentability issues in Europe for inventions in the digital and agricultural technical fields, illustrated with cases.

This interactive webinar will be presented in English by Armelle LEONARD, European and French patent attorney, head of REGIMBEAU’s Montpellier office, and specialized in Life Sciences, and Mikaël BENSADOUN, French patent attorney at REGIMBEAU Montpellier, specialized in Mechanics and IT. For the last 80 years, REGIMBEAU has been assisting his clients in protecting, developing and defending their innovations and creations.


Language : English

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