To take part as a DIVA demonstrator, a facility and its owner holding must meet the following basic and mandatory requirements:

  1. The owner will participate in the project and is ready to spend time working with experts and SMEs.
  2. The owner agrees that the farm/other facility will be used as a demonstration site for other farmers or SMEs during the project.
  3. The owner has staff available to dedicate to the necessary activities defined with the SME based on a specific contract to sign.
  4. The owner of the holding (or its representative) agrees to be explaining and demonstrating management methods to those interested and sharing experience in sustainable management.
  5. The facility is registered in the Register of Taxpayers of the State Revenue Service of the [indicate the State].
  6. The property in which the farm’s representative operates, is owned or is legally hired.
  7. The property is in compliance with any document system required by National/EU laws.
  8. The farm/facility is located in the territory of [specify territory]…… and it is easy accessible.
  9. The farm/facility will be accurately described in the application form