ICT Needs of agrofood, forestry and environmental sector” is the title of the focus group organized and managed by CRPV Soc. Coop. and H-FARM within the EU DIVA Project (www.divaproject.eu). The focus group was held in November, 15th at Cesena (Italy), with the participation of several producers association of the agrifood, forestry and environmental sectors, ICT suppliers and public and private research institutions.

After a brief presentation of the project, participants were divided in some groups, in order to debate and to confront about needs of producers in terms of computerized systems, automatization, management systems and other tools potentially offered by ICT enterprises.

Several different arguments was discussed and analyzed: environmental and economical sustainability, value chain, support to decisions, zero residues, production and territorial valorization, certification of the origin of production, mechanization of cultivation, and so on. A brief description about forthcoming tenders opened by DIVA project was done. Those funds will be dedicated to ICT SME enterprises that will submit project(s) for acceleration (feasibility studies and consultants), demonstration in small and large scale in real conditions and internationalization.

The focus group included a visit to the Demofarm “ASTRA” at Martorano 5 experimental farm, equipped with remote sensors and systems for data acquiring. This Demofarm, included in the DIVA list, is a place where to to host ICT enterprises that intends demonstrate the functionality of their innovative solutions for agrifood sector and test their systems in real conditions.