Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation in partnership with Digital Place, has organised four focus’ days about the European project DIVA in Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier and Brive.  

The DIVA Focus’ days have been organised by Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation in partnership with its DIVA collaborator Digital Place, to present the European project DIVA to their members and all people interested in digital technologies and agriculture and agrofood sectors (industries, research centers, institutions etc…). Four days have been organised in the regions where Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation is located: Montpellier on the 25th April, Toulouse on the 2nd May, Bordeaux on the 03rd May and Brive on the 29th June.

During these Focus days, ASOI has presented DIVA and its different steps: Establishment of a call for challenges, two calls for solutions with the selection and acceleration of the best potential solutions via direct support of SMEs in the technological maturation of solutions and / or coaching of the strategic and business consulting / coaching type, the demonstration of complete solutions in real environment and the internationalization of these proven solutions. The funding scheme has also been presented as the project will transfers 75% of its budget, ie 2.7 million € to SMEs in 4 phases, in the form of “vouchers” of up to 60,000 €. More than a hundred of people from different sectors (Start’up, stakeholders, cooperatives…) have attended these two hours presentations.