7gramTag’ is a software and trialling project for AgTag’s 7-gram calving-sensor tag on a cows tail. This sensor tag was demonstrated in prototype form at Ploughing 2019 exhibition, following initial calving trials in 2019. At 7-grams it is very light and comfortable for the cow, which is important for animal-welfare, and it is very accessible to farmers at a two-figure starter price. Many advance orders were placed by farmers for trial units – ‘early adopter customers’.
This DIVA ‘7gramTag’ project will help deliver these sensor trial unit orders to these farmers. It will fine-tune the calving detection algorithm software and firmware in the 7-gram sensor tag; it will finalise the Android SMS algorithm for relaying calving alerts as texts to the farmers mobile phone; and trials on calving cows will be carried out to validate the sensor in real-world calving situations, on the ‘early adopter’ customer farms.

Call Call 2
Voucher Business and Technology maturation
Type of proposal Individual


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