Land-HO is a technology maturation project that aims to build the foundations for a land assessment service targeting the wine making and adjacent industries. The service will exploit land assessment models, based on open weather data and using well-established bioclimatic metrics. The prototype that will be produced by the project will incorporate an extended version of the currently developed and tested preliminary model, implement an architecture with clearly separate data processing, artificial intelligence, and visualisation layers, and will provide a first version of the user interface where users can configure the service and observe the produced results. Land-HO will be the first step towards a product with great potential for adding value to stakeholders active in different stages of the grapevine value chain. It will further pave the way for other innovative services and demonstrate the value of data and the benefits of participating in the Data Economy to its target users.

Call Call 2
Voucher Business and Technology maturation
Type of proposal Individual


SCiO Private Company