In the Agrofood sector, the food traceability is usually incomplete and/or difficult to obtain due to the complexity of the food supply-chain, the large number of agents involved in it, and the resistance of many agents to share their data. Anserlog propose a blockchain solution that can be used to verify traceability data, to simplify procedures between agents of the food supply-chain, and to facilitate auditability. The agents must be ratified as “authorized” before being able to store information in the blockchain and, in order to deal with the resistance to share data, only the hash value of the data is made public. The solution’s structure also allows “non-authorized” agents to participate and maintain the blockchain system. This project socpe is to obtain a first software prototype of the solution, with basic storage, verification, and mining functionalities, and with a complete test suite to facilitate future developments.

Call Call 1
Voucher Business and Technology maturation
Type of proposal Individual