ComPlat it is the bidirectional communication channel between all the links of the agrifood chain its uniqueness lies in that it does no belong to any of the members and through its code of good practices alows to regulate in a transparent and fair way the information that is offered  and the data collected. ComPlat through a distintive QR gives access to the consumer to a series of information of interest and that are not reflected in the physical label of the product, such as particularities, allergens, exact origin, photographs of product development and or breeding of the animals, plantations, videos of the company, as well as allowing consumers to leave an evaluation on the product, which creates confidence to other consumers and improves sale, on the other hand the producer also receives information from scans (where and when it is scanned and in what information the consumer wss interested in the platform) improving the decision making process 

Call Call 1
Voucher Demonstration - Small scale
Type of proposal Collaborative


Herfevaro (Naturcode)