Investment in AgTech has experienced a boom around the world, with the USA seeing CAGR of 80%, which has been enabled by the advent of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) . The farmer’s and/or researcher’s ability to locate their precise position in a field allows for the creation of maps of the spatial variability of as many properties as can be measured (e.g. terrain features/topography, organic matter content, moisture levels, nitrogen levels, pH, EC, Mg, K, etc.).
With a long experience in the field of Precision Agriculture (PA) and Agro-business, rooted in 15 years of Academic research and proprietary crop data models, we have decided to adapt the development technologies to the needs of the golf market in order to provide large-scale PA services available to “green-keepers”, with accessible pricing ranges differentiated by scale and specific needs of each operation, enabling greater sustainability, higher productivity and lower costs.
We do this by using big data analysis, including Earth Observation data, proprietary algorithms and agronomic data models, to provide tailor-made reports, which have the following benefits: Plant water and fertilizers optimisation – reducing waste and maximising output; Harvest yield forecasts – updated regularly and providing decision support.
With the current application we aim to validate, based on pilots in different geographies, this new market segment and with it develop a sustainable business model. The main goal is to perform our product market debut, with a clear and scalable commercialisation strategy.

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