For millennia, humankind has collected and enjoyed honey for culinary and medicinal purposes, and is a market expected to generate around $10,336 million by 2025. However, honey has become subject to mislabelling/adulteration, making it the 3rd most faked food in the world, which unfortunately has both economic and environmental ramifications. Honey.AI is a novel technology that will help reducing mislabelling problems, as well as to provide real-time cost-effective tools to beekeepers, honey packers and cooperatives to better assess honey’s quality with artificial intelligence tools. Honey.AI consists of a web platform, commercialized with a PaaS business model, that allows the honey industry stakeholders to automatically assess the quality and botanical origin of honey with augmented microscopy and our artificial vision software. The PaaS platform is combined with a low-cost automated microscope for the end-users to assure that non-trained beekeepers can effectively use the system.

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