SiConsult designs an automatic identification trap to evaluate population of a pest into vineyard: Lobesia botrana (Eudémis). Using this solution, winegrower could choose the optimal timing to apply treatment to fight against pest with the smallest quantity applied. The principle is to attract insects with pheromone caps, to take a picture of insects stuck on a glue sheet and to process it automatically by using Artificial Intelligence to count number of pest. The product and service obtained could be offer to winegrower but also to arboriculture, cereal sector, vegetables, boxwood tree protection… Provided that we could build learning model for each pest target. The goal of DIVA project AIP is to accelerate the future experimental stage by developing a user-friendly software insects pictures processing to build the first stage of the learning model and associated database. The final goal is to accelerate the acquisition of a new targeted insect and evaluate efficiency of model.

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Voucher Business and Technology maturation
Type of proposal Individual