The main objective of this project, HEIFERSCAN, is to demonstrate the potential and
functioning in a real-farm environment of a smart solution developed by MISC
International S.L. to automatically monitor the growth, health and welfare of grouphoused
The expected outcome of the project is a solution for the automatic monitoring of heifer
rearing demonstrated in a relevant/operational environment.
The adoption of the solution by dairy farmers will have several impacts:
– Economic: early detection of growth, health and welfare problems provided by
the system, will allow the reduction of animal mortality, and the optimization of the
growing period.
– Environmental: heifers are unproductive animals, so the optimization of their
rearing period will allow them to be earlier productive, reducing their carbon footprint.
– Social: dairy farms use to be family businesses. The automation of heifer
rearing, will have a positive impact in farmer peace-of-mind.

Call Call 2
Voucher Demonstration - Small scale
Type of proposal Collaborative


Rusama Ganaderia