In order to produce grapes, every vine maker needs to spray treatments over its vineyard from 5 to 15 times per year. To protect the vegetal from natural diseases, most common way is to use rolling sprayer, pulled by a tractor. However, it leads to major problems:
– If the vineyard is in slope, there is a security issue that the tractor falls aside over the conductor.
– If the slope is very steep, the tractor cannot access the field. The farmer needs to carry a sprayer on his shoulders which is extremely painful & presents risk of exposure to sprayed products
-After a rain, the tractor cannot access the field because of the mug. Before the ground is practicable again, one need to wait 2 to 3 days while the disease risks are at maximum due to moisture
– Spraying over the vine trees from a rolling sprayer is not accurate & leads to derive risk to the neighbourhood
A smart solution consists in spraying with a flying drone capable to:
– Work automatically & quickly without any operator on-board
– Work over any vineyard, whatever the slope or ground quality
– Spray accurately the right quantity of product at right location
– Adapt spray direction in case there is wind
– Edit a numerical mission report stored in a database

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