Buono per tutti (BxT) is an ethical business aiming at making the food system more sustainable and just by re-building and connecting local and regional food systems and communities. BxT is a local digital food hub (LDFH): a physical node providing a transparent direct-to-consumer digital, organizational and logistical platform for the aggregation, storage, distribution and delivery healthy and sustainable food from local small farmers to both end consumers (BtoC) and wholesale buyers (BtoB). The core business of BxT are logistics and marketing, but it can also provide a modular implementation of different services such as: 1) Product services: activities aiming at adding value to the agricultural products as processingor other services as restaurant and catering; 2) Farmer services, as pre-season production planning, training and extensions 3) Community services, which are about engaging with the civic life of local communities by promoting food and waste education and social programs as food donation.The potential of BxT is in the scaling-up: once the digital platform is online, other LDFH could be developed in any localities all around the world.

Call Call 1
Voucher Business and Technology maturation
Type of proposal Individual