According to EU, Organic Farming is an asset for both the land and for consumers. One of its goals is the reduction and the optimization for disease interventions. The standard preservation practice of fruit growers is to spray chemicals at specific predetermined intervals. It can be improved in term of costs and environmental sustainability by spraying chemicals only when really needed. DroneONtrap project aims to provide a system for real-time and remote monitoring of the status of apple orchards, with a specific focus on early detection of pest attacks, providing comprehensive information about the actual health situation of the crop and drastically reducing costs of crop inspection.
The overall system is composed by:
– traps installed on a significant portion of the field for real-time and daily reporting the status of the orchard
– a UAV to collect temporally consistent data correlated to health status of overall crops
– a DSS platform for a comprehensive orchard management

Call Call 2
Voucher Demonstration - Large scale
Type of proposal Collaborative