TEPRO, Spanish agricultural consultancy with over 40 years’ experience present in Portugal, Bulgaria, Morocco and Senegal and expertise in the agriculture sector from technical, economic and environmental perspective. TEPRO gives comprehensive agricultural management to 80,000 ha fostering RDI within the company. Evenor-Tech is a technology based company and belongs to ICT sector applied to land use planning and member of GSP and Copernicus Relay, with over 10 years’ experience on solutions for agro-ecological consultancy companies, administration, as well as JRC and EC. Both SMEs involved in WATSAT project aim to develop a digital solution based on satellite images giving valuable information for smart decision-making regarding sustainable and efficient use of water management by making predictive analysis on
water crop demand. A combination of different approaches using open satellite, soil and meteorological data will be applied to achieve the objective in commercial olive orchards.

Call Call 1
Voucher Demonstration - Small scale
Type of proposal Collaborative


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