Thanks to DIVA1 support, Ecoclimasol developed a web platform called ClimFarm ( that offers the possibility to compute the cropping system phytosanitary footprint on the applicator health and the environment at the farm-scale through two applications: EToPhy Simulator and EToPhy Analysis. Because Europe is strongly committed to reducing the use of pesticides and controlling their risks, and European consumers are increasingly demanding transparency regarding agroproducts, our objective in this project is to achieve the expansion of EToPhy across Europe. For that, we will complete (i) a technical feasibility study. (ii) a market study for identifying prioritary European countries where to deploy the solution, (iii) a study of European regulations on plant protection products and in the target countries, so as to integrate these regulations in EToPhy, and (iv) a specific technical adaptation of EToPhy to these selected countries and to the European regulatory context.

Call Call 2
Voucher Business and Technology maturation
Type of proposal Individual