In the context of AgroInnoSense, a multidisciplinary consortium will be set up with members from IT and telecommunications (GRIDNET SA) and Agrometeorology (3D SA). GRIDNET SA, in collaboration with 3D SA, will undertake (a) the expansion of the current network of meteorological stations in a selected area of Central Macedonia, as well as (b) the interconnection of the field data with the WRF-ARW and Geographical Information systems owned by 3D SA. This will enable (a) the accurate estimation of the probability of occurrence and the (b) mapping of the expected extent and intensity of an adverse weather phenomenon, with significantly improved spatial and temporal analysis. At the last stage of the process the regular updating of farmers via digital weather reports and alerts adapted to the local climate and plant variance will take place

Call Call 1
Voucher Demonstration - Small scale
Type of proposal Collaborative