With the increasing digitalization of agriculture, more and more applications are coming on the market, helping the farmers to organize itselfs and its activities. Nonetheless, each time the farmer needs to create a new account and provides legal and technical informations (plots, herds, an so on..) again and again. We have designed a solution nammed FarmConnect to provide the farmers a central place (cockpit) to create, manage and share their digital identity and their main farm informations. Connecting the platform, software editors (Farm management-FMIS, Decision support system) can easily connect using secured and standardized protocols. They can integrate SSO (Single Sign-On) reusing FarmConnect buttonand reuse data already provided by the farmers on the platform, reducing the painfulness of using a new service. Farmer can see at anytime using the dashboard all access that have been made to its data and can easily revoke an access to an application.

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Voucher Business and Technology maturation
Type of proposal Individual