The circular water economy (CWE), also known as water reuse, is the way to reuse treated wastewater for beneficial uses (irrigation, agriculture, cleaning operation, golf courses, …). HotspotReuse® is a collaborative web-platform of services/tools and intermediation accessible in System As Software (SAS) mode available in English and French. It allows the players in the water sector, be they producers of wastewater (communities, industrial), users in need of an alternative source (farmers ,responsible for road washing, … ), or land managers, to build sustainable wastewater reuse projects in a win-win logic.
• The goal of HotspotReuse ® is to become the leading marketplace for water reuse by offering:
• Access to an OpenData on treatment wastewater reuse projects around the world.
• Support for the development of treated wastewater reuse projects through the promotion of Ecofilae support solutions and its partners/sponsors;
• A meeting place between potential users of the treated wastewater resource and water management stakeholders;

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