METEORA is a project based on promoting sustainable crops on rooftops of buildings in the city with the aim of creating a new business model focused on a circular economy that will promote the concept of Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA). Production will be optimised through the use of hydroponics. This type of agriculture removes soil from the equation, with each plant housed in plastic containers where its fibrous roots are housed and fed by nutrient-enriched circulating tap water. The main added value of METEORA solution is obtaining organic and seasonal food grown in a sustainable way. This will improve the carbon footprint of the city and the quality of life of their citizens. Also by means of an almost autonomous production of the crops and parameterized so that the crop is always in optimal conditions, we significantly reduce waste. To demostrate the viability of the system, a prototype will be deployed on the roof of a building owned by Cordoba City Council, who shows interest in the project as part of its strategy of converting the city to the GREEN concept. During the planned 9-months project duration, all activities necessary to properly complete the feasibility study and deployment of the prototype will be carried out. The development of the proposed prototype, linked to the business model maturation study, will be enough to clarify if this project si viable in the target environment, considering the wather, social and real profit variables, whose impact measurement are key over viability. The alliance between NSS and Galpagro may mean a fruitful collaboration in an enabling environment (the regional, Andalusia, Spain, and European ones) to this kind of products. NSS is a software product development and technological consulting services Company, who acts as a trusted advisor in providing best of class products. Galpagro is a proud family business, innovating in agriculture for over 25 years, with extensive experience in the sector.

Call Call 1
Voucher Business and Technology maturation
Type of proposal Collaborative


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