42% of European forests are made up out of small plots of land with an average surface of between 1 and 15 ha. In some countries 90% of all forest owners are “small” land owners. These small plots of land are mostly underdeveloped, poorly managed and hardly generate revenue for their owners. Iberian Peninsula, home to the smallest plots in Europe. 20 billion euros per year is the revenue generated by European forests. They can be credited for 3 million jobs. Sustainable forest management reduces costs and increases productivity. Forest certification, like FSC and PEFC, increases returns with up to 12%. Forests provide biomass for energy production meaning more than 50% of the EU’s renewable energy production. The demonstrator is based on 320.000 € already invested by SEISTAG and CERNA to develop ICTrees tool under collaborating R+D project SOFOR4.0. SEISTAG and CERNA will work together to define four potential business models.

Call Call 1
Voucher Demonstration - Large scale
Type of proposal Collaborative


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