‘miBeez’ is a Precision Apiculture System & Service to assist sustainable beekeeping by applying best practices. Terra Spatium has been awarded two projects from European Space Agency from 2018 firstly, for feasibility evaluation and secondly for the development of ‘miBeez’. Currently, the ongoing project is at the stage of laboratory demonstration (TRL 6). Therefore, the design and development of miBeez hardware and software have been finished. DIVA is considered as an ideal framework in order to operationally demonstrate ‘miBeez’ in Greece and Italy, two Med countries with important beekeeping sector. Through DIVA, ‘miBeez’ will be boosted not only for the demonstration of solution but also for its promotion in European market. ‘miBeez’ is an integrated toolbox that could be used during all beekeeping activities to help beekeepers manage production, monitor colonies and get advice for optimal decision making, in order to improve quantity and quality of apiculture products, as well as reducing time, cost and efforts. The project aims to demonstrate the operational capabilities in real conditions, bringing ‘miBeez’ from TRL 6 to TRL 7.

Call Call 2
Voucher Demonstration - Large scale
Type of proposal Collaborative


Terra Spatium