The dairy sector is the 2nd largest agricultural sector in the EU (over 12%). More than 6% of the production is destroyed before disposal. Product and quality loss happen during collection, storage, distribution and disposal due to inadequate supervision and inappropriate temperature conditions, causing high microbial load and consequently milk spoilage. Supervision is still at early stages, revealing a great potential for fast market penetration. Based on the existing Meterscope platform, MilkSense aspires to develop and demonstrate at a small-scale, an intelligent, data-driven solution that incorporates AI methods for processing and analysing data collected from sensing installations in Bulk Milk Coolers. Towards this, MilkSense brings
together a consortium of high expertise in IoT, AI, Data Analytics and Food Technology. Through the demonstrator, MilkSense will build the foundation for state-of-the-art, directly marketable quality improvement and waste reduction solution.

Call Call 2
Voucher Demonstration - Small scale
Type of proposal Collaborative


G. Efthymiou - A. Loutraris G.P.


Karagiannis Theofilos Tyrokomika
Petros Androulakis